US mortgage table

this is your mortgage payment calculator, enjoy This is the table for you to find out the balance of mortgage, hope this helps.


Why Invest in Georgia? When I first checked out the southern sunbelt areas in 2011. I found Atlanta not only has the population growth & steady job environment. I found the return on investment is higher than NV & AZ. This is especially true when you are using the buy & hold strategy. For instance, I can Read More …

why invest in las vegas, NV

I love Las Vegas. Las Vegas is the most value added tourist town in North American. Thailand in Asia. Las Vegas was built as a tourist town. Tourism kept growing for straight past 16 months in Vegas it continue to mesmerize and capture tourism with its spell. It is this enduring, chameleon-like quality that makes Read More …

24/7 passive income investment

there are many ways to earn passive income 24/7, we earn ours from investing in real properties (assets)  and creative financing on equities. Some people earn it from blogging; and what is yours? 5 Strategies For Earning Passive Income